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In an unprecedented show of international rights based cooperation effort Global Civil Society Organisations for safer nicotine strategies on July 5-7 formally protested against the Swedish government, public health and health academia.


Stockholm 2017.07.07

NNA Sweden is today proud to thank brother and sister organisations around the world for support. There was a massive turnout from individual organisations in protesting against Sweden failing in its international responsibilities. These responsibilites include providing unbiased, comprehensive and non-misleading information on snus as a harm reduction product and effective societal vector toward lower smoking and better health. The WHO has set goal of less than 5% smoking for a country to be considered smoke-free.

In terms of daily smoking, Sweden is the first country globally to achieve this elusive and difficult to reach goal.

NNA Sweden will follow up on these protests in the coming days but as a teaser present you with one of these letters of protest from our esteemed vaping friends in Denmark: