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June 15th, 2019

Public information - INNCO General Assembly 2019

Global and  independent grassroots civil society umbrella organisation INNCO (International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organisations) held its yearly General Assembly in Warsaw on June 13th, prior to the opening of the 6th Global Forum on Nicotine. INNCO appreciates the continuing and unanimous support from the over 20 present voting member organisations, for achievements made as well as goals and plans for INNCO moving forward over the coming years.

The Secretariat is pleased to announce that the Board of INNCO has been further strengthened by the addition of a Board member from Thailand, via INNCO member organisation ECST.

A founding principle for INNCO is to ensure that alternative products with vastly lower risks available, attractive and accessible to users globally. INNCO strives for universally acknowledged harm reduction principles to be applied also in tobacco and in tobacco control, as well as ensuring that the low relative risks and potential harms are appropriately reflected in the communication, regulation and taxation of such products.

The grassroots structure of INNCO, and the globally representative governance from volunteer board members are effective safeguards, ensuring that INNCO does not and shall not be considered to have any negative conflicts of interest that violate the principles enshrined in the WHO FCTC. INNCO declares continued and absolute independence from vested interests entirely in line with the FCTC.

The General Assembly has again renewed its commitment for INNCO to engage with and work with all relevant stakeholders in public health, supranational global health, industry and philanthropy as appropriate, in order to best serve the legitimate  interests of the global nicotine consumer collective


Lowering the negative health and societal burdens from tobacco and nicotine through implementation of harm reduction strategies, is and must remain one of the three foremost priorities in tobacco control, as defined in the FCTC treaty (1.d), and as noted in the global work to achieve Agenda 2030 sustainable development goals (3.a) and accepted definitions of harm reduction, enshrined in respect for human rights.



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